Easy software to end event stress


eve is the first event management software that works the way you do. With eve, your existing workflows and processes can be easily replicated and executed - only now, in a single place for easy access inside the office, and out.


Effortless team communication

Communicate with every member of your team in one convenient place, instead of sorting through email threads. Eve allows you to delegate tasks, problem solve as a team, and eliminate miscommunication.
Collaboration parrot Smaller collaboration parrot


Automate the boring stuff

eve takes care of automation for your boring and repetitive tasks, allowing you to get back to the important stuff without missing a single detail. eve also learns from your experiences to help you save time, reduce errors, and simplify your workflow.


End Micromanagement

eve provides 24/7 access to team workflows and tasks so you always know what you’ve accomplished, and what needs to be done next. With the ability to view the entire team’s tasks and projects, eve improves staff management and delivers peace of mind.

Manage your workflow from start to finish


Structured workflow


Automate tasks



Clear performance summaries

Pie Chart

In-depth analysis



Problem Solve


Secure your venue


Early access features



Secure your event

Control who enters and exits your event digitally, and in real-time. With eve, there are no more lost passes or unauthorized visitors at your event.

Log book

Event Control

Document and solve problems together

Track and discuss last-minute issues on event day in real-time for efficient problem solving.

Visitor Information

Visitor Management

Manage your service providers

Improve safety and communication by keeping track of contractors and staff that exit and enter your event.

Location Scout

Location Scout

Scout locations in one click

See the potential an event has at a location immediately, less time spent researching.

Contractor Marketplace

Contractor Marketplace

Easily find trusted, local suppliers

Browse and procure the suppliers for your event, and integrate them into your event.

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